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Discover a custom fitness experience designed to help you reach your highest potential! With dedicated coaching, personalized nutrition plans and an unparalleled community, we have the tools necessary for success.

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Empower your fitness goals with the most committed online programming available

Unlock your true potential 

Push the limits of your fitness and become an enhanced version of yourself with our daily workout instruction, ongoing challenges, and community support. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just beginning on this journey - we have something tailored specifically to meet your needs!

Preparing you for success, our helpful resources will support and guide your journey.

 Our expert programming suits fitness fanatics at any level, from just starting out to honing their craft even further. Unlock your athletic ambitions with us!



Be inspired by like-minded athletes from around the world. Take your fitness to the next level through competition and collaboration with peers, as you strategize workouts and compare scores together.


Transform your fitness routine with our premier online programming designed to power everyday athletes and competitors. Unlock the potential of a superior workout today!


Personalized  Programming

Achieve your fitness goals with a personalized plan designed just for you! Enjoy the convenience of customized programming tailored specifically to meet your individual needs.


Competition prep

Are you ready to take your competitive performance to the next level? Our team will ensure that you have access to the best training available for peak performance.


General wellness

Taking care of your wellbeing is essential for living a vibrant, healthy life. Our customized program offers you the chance to create an individualized plan that perfectly aligns with your needs and goals.

Our success stories


Awesome coach and great workouts would 100% recommend


Camila Burgos

I have been training at Trinity Wellness Athletics (TWA) since August. Alex makes you feel like family and accompanies you every step of the way... 


Enia Oriol

Started in October & definitely have seen many changes . Alex is an awesome coach, communicative which makes the process soo much easier. 



Finding the perfect fitness package for your individual needs is important! Our Everyday Athlete and Competitor Packages are designed to help you reach peak performance, taking into consideration factors such as life goals, time management and available resources.

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