Personal training

one on one individualized training catered to the client and their goals. 


Group training

If you prefer your fitness with others to help you stay accountable, we do offer group packages of three or more! 



if the functional fitness method of training is what you prefer, we do offer that as well. With 7 years experience of competing and coaching, you will for sure receive a program that is trialed and tested.


sport specific training

if you are training specifically for a sport, we can help. Our strength and conditioning program will set you (or your team) up for success mentally and physically and have you prepared for the season. 


online programming

if you were just looking for a program catered to you to follow on your own time, we can help! You will still have access to a coach but you will also receive a program thats individualized.


If your not interested in working out at a gym or if you prefer to work out in a location of your choice, here we have the Trinity Express where we will travel to you with all the items you need to get your training in.

We will program your training plan according to your goals and bring the gym to you. It can’t get any better than that. 

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Services starting from $30

No contracts, cancel anytime.